Memories Deferred.

by Sojourner Kincaid Rolle

On this week-end of memory,

we can scarce recall the fallen

as our own terrible lives stand

burdened with the present’s musk.

Past suffering and daily atrocities

secondary to our pursuit of pleasure

and the pain endured in quest of

momentary delight. While faded regalia and

folded comemmoratives languish

in over-stuffed closets slammed shut.

Given little time to reminisce,

our minds contains knock

from within the closed door.

Their muffled sounds a mere

annoyance – a distant rattle.

Taps is on the bugler’s tongue

a shrill wake-up to sleeping

giants of our salvation;

soldiers of our fortune.

We heed this soul deep call

and, at attention, each lift our

humbled hand to touch

the throbbing place beneath

our skin;

to symbolize a truth

we once held dear

and, for a moment,

surrender our present

to the past; our now to then.

Each night we claim a dream

of lasting peace – an end to

mortal war and fatal spoil.

Each day, our deep sleep desire

forgotten, we step heart bold

toward the tunnel’s light.

The closet once more

sealed; its memories

bound in timeless urgent

need – their destiny the

hope of every remembered


Sojourner Kincaid Rolle

Memorial Day – 2012