August 20, 2010
Santa Barbara, California

The Local mock Teen Cemetery began @ 10 am @ SBCC on the West Campus lawn across from the campus library overlooking Ledbetter Beach on the Pacific Ocean. The event is sponsored by the SB Veterans for Peace, Chapter 54, and partially funded by the fund For Santa Barbara. To date we displayed 357 tombstones and placards on 18 & 19 year olds casualties from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. The seven new casualties consisted of 2, 18 year olds and 5, 19 year olds. Six were from Afghanistan and one from Iraq.

August 20th was the Friday before SBCC begins it’s Fall Semester on the following Monday. Faculty & staff were on hand for in-service and students were getting oriented, buying books and getting registered. We were able to get students, staff, faculty & visitors to view the Teen Memorial, obtain free books on the Vietnam War, “Vietam Ambush” by our Chapter President, Dan Seidenberg, Jr. and DVD’s on Arlington West by Peter Dudar & Sally Mar, from Laughing Tears Productions for a small donation. Students signed petitions to Stop the Military use of Depleted Uranium for VFP, Chapter 116, P.O. Box 96, Albion, Ca 95410 and to Withdraw our Military from Iraq & Afghanistan immediately for American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), 637 Dearborn, 3rd Fl., Chicago, IL 60605.

Students also took an SBCC form to be taken off the military’s recruitment list, in opposition to the Solomon Amendment. This form allows students to prevent the release of their personal information to the Military Recruiters by using the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 to withold the release of their “Directory Information” to the military and others. Students also signed up to form an official SBCC club “Veterans For Peace Student Club” for Fall, 2010.